mARC sTORACE - voice of Krokus

The Godfather of Rock n Roll

If a Swiss singer can claim that his voice is instantly recognizable from thousands around the world, it is Marc Storace.

Born in Malta, he helped the swiss hard rock group "Krokus" to their international breakthrough in 1979.

Marc Storace was already internationally successful in the 70s with the Swiss cult band "TEA". TEA released 4 LPs and 3 singles. After TEA were no longer active, Marc became the voice of KROKUS in 1979. After their first album with Marc, "Metal Rendez-Vous" (with the hit "Bedside Radio"), the rise to a successful international career was unstoppable.

KROKUS played several world tours and sold over 15 million records and won many gold and platinum awards. After internal quarrels KROKUS disbanded and Marc released the only solo album "Blue" with the band "Blue" in 1991. The hit "You Can't Stop The Rainfall" is still played on the radio today. In the 90s and 2000s Marc played in 2 movies ("ANUK" and "HANDYMAN"), reached gold status again with different KROKUS formations and 3 LPs. With many guest appearances, such as "Rock Meets Classic", "Schubert In Rock", on the albums of Manfred Ehlert's "Amen" or the rock opera "Test" Marc remained present with his fans.

In 2008 the scene was surprised with the news that the original formation of KROKUS would go on tour again. The success was indescribable. Tours in the USA, Japan, Europe and South America as well as 2 new studio LP's, which again achieved platinum status, proved that KROKUS is still flourishing after more than 2000 gigs in the last 30 years.

In December 2019 KROKUS played their farewell concert in the sold-out Hallen-stadium in Zurich. In 2020 Marc achieves an unexpected big success in the TV series "Sing Meinen Song" and starts working on his solo career. From the end of 2020 Marc can be admired in the tent in the show "This Is Rock". In 2021 his own band "STORACE" is ready to go on tour. The fans will be amazed with the enthusiasm and freshness with which "STORACE" rocks the stage.

He will interpret many songs of his long career since the 70s.

Let the music move your body!

Marc Storace & China

Marc Storace with claudio matteo & Eric St. Michaels

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