Ticket 2-day-pass October 10+11

2 x 5-hours on the lake with 7 RockBands

Beware of Ticket cheats ! Buy your tickets exclusively at Eventfrog

Tickets are Available now

Below, you find several informations

about the Programm

about the Lineup

for Accomodation 10.-11. October

about arrival/departure + parking

about Covid-19 restrictions

about the ferry MF Euregia

about Saturday-evening entertainment

General Terms & Conditions


The Tickets are not personal and therefore transferable. If the Ticket is resold, we need the name, adress, mobile-phone and E-Mail, of the new person as well as of the person who sold the ticket (for possible Covid-19-Contact-Tracing).


The Tickets will be exchanged at the entrance on 10 October and you will get your admission for the 2-day rock-cruise.

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