Covid-19 Info

we are prepared !

We have taken various measures, are in regular contact with the general secretary of the canton of Thurgau and are monitoring the situation very closely, especially in the canton thurgau where the event happens.

Important Informations

As long as the canton of Thurgau can decide for themselve it looks good that the event can take place as planned. the current situation is still showing very low numbers in this area, what makes us feel very positive. there are only tiny towns and it's a positive addition that our event is not taking place at a risky location, but in the fresh air, on the beautiful lake Constance (Bodensee) !

We are in contact with the general secretary responsible for Covid-19 in Thurgau and will, if needed, take together the necessary measures at the beginning of October according to the situation.

We also have a special developped covid-19-tracing-system we can put in place if required (over a website with personal data and mobile-code).


authorization of the city of Romanshorn

The official regulations are as follows

If certain facts (hygiene, Disinfection and distance) are observed, it is currently possible to organize events up to 1000 persons. If neither hygiene, disinfection nor distance can be maintained, the contact details of the persons present must be recorded (our Tracing-System) and, if more than 300 persons are allowed, a division into sectors with maximum 300 persons must be made. "Our" ferry has about 750m2 total on 3 decks with a capacity of 650 Fans and thus, offers enough space to keep the distances accordingly with 300 fans.

There is a facilitation by the cantons which states that the competent cantonal authority (in our case the canton of Thurgau) can grant facilitations if the organiser submits an appropriate protection concept. We have prepared everything and are therefore very confident, also because of the low numbers in the canton Thurgau, as you can see in the links below.

Federal Protection Concept - with regularly Updates



Federal Ordinance on Measures

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